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Written by Matthew Pejkovic


Horror movies have given us some of the best masterworks in the world of cinema. From the black and white creepiness of Nosferatu to the found footage theatrics of Paranormal Activity, filmmakers have attempted to scare their audiences for almost a century.

Compiled here is a list of Matt’s Movie Reviews Top 50 Horror Movies which scared, thrilled, at times illuminated, and even made me laugh. Some surprises are featured, some classics do not make the cut, and there certainly will be controversy amongst horror purists.

So scrawl through and enjoy the horror on offer, and get in touch either by Facebook, Twitter or email to discuss, disagree and share your love for all things horror.


Please Note: This is not a closed list. Films will be added and deleted in need be. So be sure to check out the page once in a while to see if your favourite horror movie is still on the list.


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