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The following are links to Matthew Pejkovic's various online works as a freelance journalist.

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Evolution of Business Movies


A review of the 1987 horror movie Near Dark


Interview with Kaboom! director Gregg Arakai
Interview with The Reef director Andrew Traucki
Interview with First Love stars India Payne, Jess Laing & Nikki van Dijk
A review of RED
A review of Inglorious Basterds
A review of BALIBO


A review of Big Trouble in Little China


A review of Mars Needs Moms
A review of The Lincoln Lawyer
A review of The Mechanic
A review of Red Riding Hood
A review of Limitless
A review of The Rite
A review of Unknown
A review of I'm Still Here
A review of Piranha 3D
A review of Kick-Ass
A review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Close Casting Misfires feature article


A review of Body of Lies
A review of Towelhead
A review of The Women
A review of Step Brothers
A review of Welcome to the Sticks
A review of Caramel
A review of Jounrey to the Centre of the Earth
A review of Tropic Thunder
A review of College Road Trip
A review of Pineapple Express
A review of Female Agents
An interview with Female Agents director Jean-Paul Salome
A review of The Dark Knight
A review of Hancock
A review of Stantard Operating Procedure
A review of Ten Empty
An interview with Ten Empty actor Daniel Frederiksen
A review of You Don't Mess With the Zohan
A review of Unfinished Sky
An interview with Unfinished Sky actor William McInnes
An interview with Unfinished Sky writer/director Peter Duncan
A review of The Chronciles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
A review of Sharkwater
A review of U2-3D
Coverage of the 2008 Film Ink Movie Awards
A review of Hey, Hey It's Esther Blue Burger
Interview with Hey, Hey It's Esther Blue Burger writer/director Cathy Randall
Premiere of documentary Big Dreamers
A review of Big Dreamers
A review of Blindsight
A review of In the Shadow of the Moon
A review of Night
A review of Sydney White
A DVD review of The Adventures of Antoine Doinel
A DVD review of Great Aussie Icons: Barry Humphries
A DVD review of The Root of All Evil
A review of Slaughterhouse-Five
A review of Hostel: Part II
A review of Rogue
A review of Death Proof
A review of Hairspray


An interview with Mad Bastards actor Dean Daley-Jones
An interview with Wasted on the Young director Ben C. Lucas


A review of The Painted Veil
A review of Gone Baby Gone
A review of Lars and the Real Girl
A review of Things We Lost In The Fire
A review of Run Fatboy Run


A review of The Orphanage
A review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
A review of Love in the Time of Cholera
A review of 21
A review of Sharkwater
A review of Iron Man
A review of Rogue
A review of Street Kings
A review of 88 Minutes
A review of Before the Devil Know's You're Dead
A review of Hey, Hey It's Esther Blueburger


Sydney Film Festival Wrap-Up
An interview with Atenberg director Athina Rachel Tsangari
An interview with Meek's Cutoff writer Jon Raymond
An interview with Sleeping Beauty director Julia Leigh
A review of Attenberg
Sydney Film Festival Preview
Based On A True Story
An interview with Mad Bastards director Brendan Fletcher
An interview with THOR actors Tom Hiddleton & Jaimie Alexander
An interview with Brighton Rock director Rowan Joffe

An interview with Sanctum director Alister Grierson & writer/producer Andrew Wight

An interview with Catfish directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost
A review of The King’s Speech
An interview with The King's Speech director Tom Hooper
Power of The Exorcist Still Compels article

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