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While the Heaven’s opened over Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, it did not deter the droves of James Bond fans, who gathered for the Australian premiere of Quantum of Solace.

In attendance were director Marc Foster; stunning Bond girl Olga Kurylenko; and 007 himself, Daniel Craig. Braving the temperamental weather, they all walked the red carpet, signed autographs, and posed for the large crowd of photographers who were all jostling for that prime shot.

When Craig was asked whether he believed Quantum of Solace lives up to the lofty expectations placed upon it, he stated: “Well, time will tell, won’t it? ... I am very happy with the movie. Mark Foster has done a very beautiful job with this movie.”


Foster, the Swiss filmmaker who has made a name for himself with dramatic films such as Monster’s Ball and Finding Neverland, spoke of which films influenced him during his foray into action territory: “I like those action movies from the 70s a lot, or the 60s, those conspiracy thrillers... James Cameron did some great action movies like Aliens and (The) Terminator movies.” 

“I did a lot of pre-production, and created the film as the Bond film that I always wanted to see,” Foster answered when quizzed about his preparation for the film. “(I) took some pieces from the early Bond films, and sort of paid homage to them ... and created some vision to what I felt the Bond franchise should go towards the future.”


A part of that vision is the feisty Camille, Quantum of Solace’s Bond girl by name, but definitely not by nature. “She is a different one”, explained former model turned actress Olga Kurylenko. “She has her own story. She exists apart from Bond.”

So while Bond may not be his usual randy self this time around, that is not the say that there will not be room for love in future adventure of 007, as Craig resoundely declared when asked whether there was any more romance left in Bond: “Yes, absolutely. Of course there is.”

But what Craig does plan to continue is add layers to the iconic superspy. “It is not that I want to make him deeply emotional, but I think it is interesting to find out who he is, and what he is about. Because I think it is a much more entertaining .... as a movie goer that is what I would want to see.”


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