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Written by Matthew Pejkovic


A remake of the 1980s genre classic Highlander has been bubbling away for a while now, with 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo the latest director attached to the project.

Recent news has Canadian heart throb Ryan Reynolds attached to play immortal Scotsman Connor MacLeod, a role made famous by Christopher Lambert in the 1986 original. Of course fan reaction has been negative and who could blame them, with Reynolds a clearly wrong choice for the role of a tortured hero chosen by fate and driven by a responsibility to save mankind from evil. Didn’t work for Reynold in Green Lantern, won’t work here.

Here is Matt’s Movie Reviews list of 7 actors who should be considered over Ryan Reynolds to play Connor MacLeod in the upcoming Highlander remake.  





Alex O'Laughlin image

Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin knows about rebooting a beloved brand as the lead actor on hit TV show Hawaii Five-0. Yet despite his movie star good looks and charisma, O’Laughlin has yet to obtain movie stardom.

A big budget project like Highlander would perfectly suit his physical prowess and screen charisma, plus he has played an immortal before in the much loved but short lived vampire TV drama Moonlight.





Gerard Butler image

Scottish actor Gerard Butler has struggled to capitalise on the fame which his role as King Leonidas in 300 gave him, opting for underwhelming rom-coms and b-grade action thrillers that have only decreased his stock value.

Yet in Connor MacLeod, Butler has found a slam dunk of a role: Scottish, physical, with an already set fan-base and the potential to become a lucrative franchise is handled well. That Butler was already in consideration for the role doesn’t hurt, either.   




Joel Edgerton image

This Australian star of Warrior and Animal Kingdom has been on the cusp of becoming a go to Hollywood leading man for a while now, and it makes sense with Joel Edgerton an actor capable of giving a great performance no matter the genre, budget or amount of screen time.

Headlining a remake of Highlander is the natural next step for Edgerton, and his ability to play the physical and emotionally tortured psyche of Connor McLeod is one which producers should not look over.




James Purefoy image

James Purefoy knows a thing or two about headlining a swords and fantasy thriller having starred in Solomon Kane. He also knows too well about being heavily rumoured for an in demand role, with his name constantly popping up in the James Bond sweepstakes.

Yet it’s all for good reason, with Purefoy a commanding screen presence able to play action as well as drama, qualities needed for a conflicted hero such as Connor MacLeod.




Ewan Mcgregor image

A constant with Ewan McGregor is the love of his Scottish heritage. Often during interviews and his Long Way Round motorbike journeys he would wax fondly on the beauty of the highlands, so it’s only natural that McGregor play ambassador for his homeland and play a Scottish hero in Connor McLeod.

He certainly has the tools for it. As an actor he is one of the best working today. As an action star he has proved his ability to swing a sword in the Star Wars prequels. And as a Scotsman there is none as proud. Come on Ewan, front Highlander and bring Scotland to Hollywood!




Kevin McKidd image

Another Scotsman, yet one that some might not know too much about.

Indeed while Kevin McKidd’s movie career pales in comparison to his fame as a TV actor in shows such as Rome and Grey’s Anatomy, it shouldn’t take away from the fact that he would bring an authenticity to the role of Connor MacLeod in regards to the characters ancestry. No wonder McKidd was attached to play the part earlier in the development of Highlander.




Thomas Jane image

The lone American on the list, Thomas Jane is a fan favourite thanks to his performances in The Punisher and Stander, not to mention his uncanny resemblance to original Connor MacLeod, the immortal Christopher Lambert.

That Jane is also an excellent actor able to play action, drama and headline a movie is even more reason to consider his starring in Highlander.




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