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Get Hom to the Greek movie poster


Bohemian master of decadence Russell Brand and portly funny man Jonah Hill walked the red carpet at the Sydney premiere of Get Him to the Greek.

In the film Brand reprises his Forgetting Sarah Marshall character Aldous Snow, a fledging rock star whose life of debauchery sees him hit the bottom.

When Matt’s Movie Reviews asked whether a rock star of Aldous Snow’s nature was needed in today’s music industry, Brand replied: “It would be good to have a decadent, self involved, lunatic let loose in the music industry... so, yes, perhaps it would be good!”

Russell Brand at Get Him to the Greek Sydney premiere

Hill co-stars as Aaron, an over exuberant intern who has 3 days to get Snow to the Greek Theatre for an anniversary concert. Needless to say, things don’t go according to plan.

Not content with playing the straight man to Brand’s animated rock star, Hill gives as good as it gets and in the process a memorable comedic duo is formed.

Yet whether there will be more collaboration between the two is a mystery even to Hill: “I’m definitely open to depends on the circumstances. I love Russell, and respect him, and would love to work with him again”.

Jonah Hill Get Him to the Greek Sydney premiere

Ironically, both men will next work on remakes of popular 1980s classics.

Brand will take on the role of happy, rich drunk Arthur Bach in the remake of the 1981 comedy hit, Arthur.

Brand will headline a cast that features the likes of Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, and Nick Nolte, and he is looking forward to when shooting begins: “It’s gonna be really good...I’m very optimistic about it”.

Hill, meanwhile, is set to headline a big screen version of cult ‘80s TV program 21 Jump St., which starred – and made famous – one Mr. Johnny Depp:

Said Hill of the upcoming film: “Things are going great...we begin shooting in January / February”.

And whether Depp will make a cameo?

“We’re hoping!”

Get Him To The Greek will be released on the 17th of June through Universal Pictures Australia.

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