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Hulk thinking

Written by Matthew Pejkovic

With Marvel Studios confirming that they will not bring back Edward Norton as Bruce Banner / Hulk in the anticipated superhero ensemble The Avengers, all eyes and ears are peeled as to which “name actor” they will announce as a replacement for the immensely popular Norton in the iconic role.

The following are some suggestions as to who could follow in Norton’s steps and make “Hulk smash” again.




David Duchovny

David Duchovny was previously tipped as a favourite to play Bruce Banner, especially when Marvel were looking to replace Eric Bana in The Incredible Hulk (it would be Edward Norton who snagged the role). Sadly no one has had any luck casting the popular actor in the part, yet perhaps now with Duchovny’s recent career resurgence and Marvel in the market for a new Bruce Banner, both parties can finally come together and make this thing happen.     


Billy Crudup

Crudup was ace in Watchmen as Dr. Manhattan, a nuclear physicist turned invincible blue skinned superhero. So who’s to say his playing a gamma physicist turned invincible green skinned superhero won’t work? It is a case of type casting that is worth the risk for the character actor, who always manages to make the films he appears in that much better. If Marvel are looking for a name actor who works well in ensembles, than Crudup is there guy.  



Stephen Moyer

Dealing with the guilt of being a monster is something which True Blood actor Stephen Moyer is used to, having played refined vampire Bill Compton for three seasons in the popular HBO series. Much like that character, Bruce Banner is a man always on the fringes of society, burdened by a dark side always ready to engulf him and those around him. Moyer has signed on to several big screen projects, yet none will give him the same exposure to non-True Blood viewers as The Avengers could.



Patrick Wilson

Just like his Watchmen co-star Billy Crudup, Patrick Wilson has the undeniable ability to make the films he appears in better, and works well in an ensemble. And much like Edward Norton, he emits a credibility in all of his roles, with Bruce Banners intellectual prowess all that more believable with Wilson cast in the role. Sadly, the talented actor has yet to find a role which would thrust him into superstar status. Hulk would be ideal.     



Sharlto Copley

No other actor on this list has perfected the “fugitive on the run” role better than Copley has. Likewise, neither do they match the comic book Bruce Banner’s less than athletic, bookworm sensibilities as well as Copley can. Not to mention slightly paranoid and emotionally fragile, emotions which the South African export does very well. With The A-Team failing to give Copley that blockbuster follow up deserving of his District 9, a run as the Hulk in Josh Whedon’s Avengers (could the combo be anymore of a fanboys wet dream?) would do the trick.   



Guy Pearce

The man who should be Batman (think about it) is often reluctant to take on such mainstream material. Yet as a successor to Edward Norton, an actor of Pearce’s stature and intellect would do wonders for the role, not to mention bring an exciting addition to a cast that already features the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Nathan Fillion.



Jim Caviezal

Jim Caviezal knows how to play tortured characters well, having gone the distance as Jesus in the Passion of the Christ. What the vastly underrated thesp hasn’t had the opportunity to do is appear in a superhero movie, which is a shame considering he would be quite good at it. Hulk offers Caviezal the chance to not only play a high profile role deserving of his talents (key after dropping off the radar in the last few years), but to do so as a part of a talented cast, under the eye of a talented filmmaker.  


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