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Written by Matthew Pejkovic

It is the season of giving, and I implore all of you to kindly donate to a great website which may no longer be online come next week, The Film Talk.

It is rare to come across a website which offers a unique view on cinema by people who know what they’re talking about. The Film Talk is just that website, and ever since I came across it a month or so ago, I have had a blast scourging through their podcast archives, while eagerly awaiting their new blog posts on varied cinematic topics.

Hosted by Gareth Higgins and Jett Loe (one is from Belfast; the other Nashville), the pair offer varied, entertaining, and often enlightening views on the world of film, without coming off as pompous intellectuals or overzealous fanboys.

Unfortunately, in the world of online film criticism, money is often never made, and bills (bandwidth; web hosting) must be paid.

I myself am working two jobs as a freelance critic (small potatoes) and retail assistant (part time) in order to keep this site alive and food in the pantry.

So I view The Film Talk struggle as my struggle, and ask kindly for you all to head on over to The Film and subscribe for as little as $3 a month (worth every penny), or contribute with a one off payment.

Please, help a couple of brothers out.

I have.

God bless and Merry Christmas,


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