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Exodus Gods and Kings poster
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Exodus: Gods and Kings poster

Ridley Scott’s take on the Exodus story is a visually epic yet risky endeavour, with Exodus: Gods and Kings bringing an alternate approach to a sacred story, resulting in a thrilling, complex, yet at times frustrating watch.

Interstellar poster

The longing of man to explore the far reaches of the heavens, and the enduring power of a promise from father to daughter, fuels the epic yet intimate Interstellar, filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s most ambitious and emotionally potent movie yet.

BIG HERO 6 (2014)
Big Hero 6 poster

A touching relationship between a boy and his robot is the precursor to a new superhero franchise in Big Hero 6, the latest Walt Disney Animation creation that contains much emotional value amongst its vibrant swagger.

JOHN WICK (2014)
John Wick poster

Led by an in form Keanu Reeves, John Wick is an unapologetic action romp that successfully melds old school grit and new school sensibilities.

FURY (2014)
Fury poster

Fury is the closest thing to a horror war movie yet, with director David Ayer presenting a dark, claustrophobic and foreboding depiction of how the “greatest generation” not only fought against the evil of Nazism, but also the monster within themselves.

This Is Where I Leave You poster

A great ensemble cast is wasted in This is Where I Leave You, a trite and incredibly silly comedic drama about a dysfunctional secular family caught in a mournful rut.

WILD (2014)
Wild poster

Reese Witherspoon undertakes a journey of mind, body and spirit in Wild, an impeccably crafted and performed tale of atonement and rebirth.

Kill the Messenger poster

With a powerful Jeremy Renner leading the way and a fascinating true story as its guide, Kill the Messenger will move many with its true life account of a conspiracy exposed and the man who was destroyed for doing so.




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