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TED 2 (2015)
Ted 2 poster

Lacking the energy of the first film, Ted 2 numerous funny moments are drowned out by a main plot that begs to be taken seriously yet is lost in the shuffle of Seth MacFarlane's throw spaghetti on the wall comedy stylings.

MINIONS (2015)
Minions poster

A fun and funny spinoff of the Despicable Me series, Minions is a vibrant and lively animation that perfectly captures the goofy energy of its zany title characters.

Jurassic World poster

Fun, thrilling & appropriately horrific in the right places, Jurassic World is a ginormous addition to the monster movie cannon, with excellent visual effects, charismatic performances & great direction combining to make a highly entertaining popcorn movie.

ALOHA (2015)
Aloha poster

A babbling rom-com that wastes a strong cast and picturesque setting, Aloha is the worst effort crafted yet by the usually assured hands of Cameron Crowe.

Tomorrowland poster

Spectacular in design, thrilling in its adventure & brimming with optimistic wonder, Tomorrowland is just the antidote needed to snap the cinema landscape out of its depressing post-apocalypse glut. 

San Andreas poster

Following the disaster movie formula to pitch perfect precision, San Andreas works thanks to its spectacular visual effects and an agreeable cast led by the huge screen presence of Dwayne Johnson.

Poltergeist poster

Remake of the haunted house classic of the same name, Poltergeist lacks personality & thrills, resulting in a bland horror movie of little recommendation.

Mad Max: Fury Road poster

Mad Max: Fury Road delivers upon its high expectations as George Miller's innovative, madcap direction & Tom Hardy's weighty presence combine to make an epic action experience of little comparison.



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