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Assassins Creed poster

A cold, boring and confusing action fantasy of little redeeming quality, Assassins Creed marks career worst work from all involved, made uglier by an anti-Catholicism inherent in the game series it is based upon.

Passengers poster

Two charismatic leads with good chemistry barley keep adrift what is an otherwise disastrous space travel romantic thriller gone haywire in Passengers.

Rogue One poster

Although lacking character development and not without pacing issues, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story still earns its intergalactic stripes as a Star Wars spin-off of visual gumption and gritty action filmmaking, securing its place as the glue between trilogies in this ever-expanding space saga.

MAHANA (2016)
Mahana poster

Marking director Lee Tamahori’s return to New Zealand, Mahana is a wonderfully filmed and performed story of family and legacy brought to life through beautiful classic movie strokes.

The Founder poster

An infectiously entertaining performance from Michael Keaton highlights a true-life story about business at its most ruthless and entrepreneurship at its most pure in The Founder.

ARRIVAL (2016)
Arrival poster

Arrival is an all-encompassing achievement that transcends genre with its emotional, visual and philosophical riches, declaring director Dennis Villenueve as one of the great filmmakers of his time while doing so.

Hacksaw Ridge poster

Mel Gibson’s return to the director’s chair is a triumph, with Hacksaw Ridge a true-life story of powerful spiritual significance in its portrayal of combat medic Desmond Doss whose conviction in his Christian faith brought about remarkable feats of heroism during WWII.    


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Special guest director Matthew Holmes joins Matthew Pejkovic of Matt's Movie Reviews to talk about his new film The Legend of Ben Hall.

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