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Transformers: The Last Knight poster

Big, loud, complicated and messy, Transformers: The Last Knight fittingly caps an end to Michael Bay’s tenure on the worst blockbuster franchise to disgrace the screen.

Despicable Me 3 poster

Confirming its reputation as the best current animation film series, Despicable Me 3 builds upon its strong base of colourful visuals and slapstick humour with memorable new characters and a rise in stakes for Gru and his wacky family.

Rough Night poster

While there is an ever present ickiness in its premise of murder equals laughs, Rough Night has enough fun with its lowbrow gags to place it above similar comedies.

The Promise poster

An incredibly important and confronting subject presented in a cinematically rich and accessible package, The Promise urges its audience not to forget the genocide of the Armenian people in this emotionally driven, impeccably performed historical drama.

Ellipsis image

(Sydney Film Festival) A sweet and charming romantic drama with the city of Sydney playing backdrop, Ellipsis re-introduces David Wenham as a director with a rich feel for character and place.

THE MUMMY (2017)
The Mummy poster

A strong opening entry for the Dark Universe franchise, The Mummy effectively blends CGI action thrills with old school horror chills to make for an entertaining blockbuster spin on a classic title.

Churchill poster

Led by a powerhouse performance from Brian Cox, Churchill delves into a little-known facet in the life of the iconic leader with an intimacy that is both stark and engrossing.

Baywatch poster

The equivalent of diving into polluted waters, Baywatch takes a promising concept and a talented cast for a deep dive into career worst territory from which there is no resuscitation.


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