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WILD (2014)
Wild poster

Reese Witherspoon undertakes a journey of mind, body and spirit in Wild, an impeccably crafted and performed tale of atonement and rebirth.

Kill the Messenger poster

With a powerful Jeremy Renner leading the way and a fascinating true story as its guide, Kill the Messenger will move many with its true life account of a conspiracy exposed and the man who was destroyed for doing so.

A Walk Among the Tombstones poster

Although bogged down by too many plot points, A Walk Among the Tombstones works as a gritty crime thriller that features a refreshingly compelling Liam Neeson as a reluctant man of violence ensconced in a violent world.

THE JUDGE (2014)
The Judge poster

Exceptional performances from Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall save The Judge from its dishevelled tone, with director David Dobkins first foray into drama an uneven yet wholly engaging affair.

Annabelle poster

More stupefying than scary, Annabelle takes whatever promise there was of a Conjuring franchise and flushes it down the bowels of Hell with its uninspired direction and wooden performances.

Dracula Untold poster

In its attempt to repackage one of cinemas great monsters into an action hero, Dracula Untold becomes a bloodless, directionless affair void of personality, but does boast some bite in the casting of Luke Evans.

GONE GIRL (2014)
Gone Girl poster

A sleek crime mystery that is as outrageous as it is chilling, Gone Girl finds David Fincher once again at his immersive, crafty best in his continued exploration into the darker depths of the human condition.

Whiplash poster

Blood, sweat and jazz ferociously intertwine in the terrifically intense Whiplash.




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