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A Monster Calls poster

The power of parable and grim realities of grieving take centre stage in A Monster Calls, a potent mash of gritty coming of age drama and gothic fantasy that once again displays the strong visual and storytelling talents of director J.A. Bayona.

Rules Don't Apply poster

A tonally awkward, poorly edited and overlong mess of a film, Rules Don’t Apply is a bust of a comeback from filmmaker Warren Beatty, whose overwrought direction is matched by his over the top performance as notorious Hollywood recluse Howard Hughes.

SILENCE (2016)
Silence poster

One of Martin Scrosese’s best and powerful works, Silence delves into the collision between religion, government and culture, as chronicled in an immersive and relevant story of faith tested against a violent oppression and the deafening silence of God.

Hidden Figures poster

Hidden Figures is not only an entertaining and heartfelt story, but an informative and important one as well, headlined by terrific performances and directed with tonal precision by Theodore Melfi.

Live By Night poster

Impeccably crafted and engrossing in every way, Live By Night expertly tackles gangster genre conventions and propels them to exciting heights under the sturdy hands of filmmaker Ben Affleck.

LION (2016)
Lion poster

Lion is an incredibly moving and beautifully performed true-life drama, that delves into the love of family and the importance of identity in an increasingly globalised world.

JACKIE (2016)
Jackie poster

Absorbing in its structure and potent in its emotional pull, Jackie explores the devastation of grief and the construct of legacy through the powerfully immersive direction of Pablo Larrain and utterly compelling performance by Natalie Portman.

Collateral Beauty poster

Overstuffed in its dramatics and suffocating thick with pretension, Collateral Beauty proves once again that big name acting ensembles do not equate to a good movie.


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